Original Stork - Girl

Original Stork - Girl
Our "Original Stork" is approximately 7 feet high and is a hand painted stork on a wood. This Stork has lots of personality and you won't find another one like it on the West Coast!

Our prices are as follows:
Shower Stork - $27.00
3 Day Rental - $45.00
6 Day Rental - $65.00
10 Day Rental - $75.00
Gift Package - $58.50 - This is a great idea for a Shower Gift!  The gift package includes a Stork that will be delivered to the shower to surprise the New Mommy and guests and it also includes a Stork for a 3 Day rental after the baby is born!  A gift card is included!
Pre-reserving your stork is a great idea! Not only does this insure you will have a stork when you need one, but your payment is not processed until the baby is born and the sign is delivered.  Please print out the Call Sheet
to assist you with all the details when your baby is delivered and you are ready to call us with the information.

If you would like a printed version of the order form, click


Package Options:
Additional Sign:
Ballon Bundle:
Your Name:
Your Phone Number:
Parents’ Names:
Delivery Date:
Sex of Baby:
Baby’s Name-First and Middle:
Date and Time of Birth:
Weight & Length:
Shower Delivery Address:
Time of Baby Shower:
Delivery Stork Address:
Is this a gift?:
Is It A Surprise?:
Do you need a gift card? If so, what would you like it to say?:
Delivery Fees-Please read our Question & Policies area to find out what delivery area you are in.:

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