Who's Got The Poo Dirty Diaper Game

Who's Got The Poo Dirty Diaper Game
Your guest will absolutely love this game! The game comes in Blue, Yellow or Pink Diapers. Please specify when ordering what color you would like to order.
How to play:
*Pin a diaper on each guest as they arrive.
*When you are ready to play, have guest look inside their diapers.
*The guest who receives the "Dirty Diaper" is the WINNER!
***Game Variation: If someone says the word "BABY" take their diaper! Whoever has the most diapers and/or the dirty diaper at the end is the WINNER!

The "Dirty Diaper" Game - Each Game has 10 Diapers for $14.45.
Each game has 1 "Dirty" Diaper" and 9 "Non-Dirty" Diapers. The "dirty diaper" has a small amount of brown fabric paint inside to truly look like poopey. :) Size of each diaper is approximately 1.75" wide x 2" tall. For bigger baby showers, just order several boxes. The dirty diaper is identified in the package, so you'll know which one is dirty when pinning them on the guests.

(For larger baby showers, simply order more games! Example: If you're having 40 guests, order 4 games! To explain further ordering 4 games, will be a total of 40 diapers....36 non-dirty and 4 dirty.)

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