New Cool Stork - Boy

New Cool Stork - Boy
The prices are as follows:
Shower Stork - $ 32.00
3 Day Rental - $ 50.00
6 Day Rental - $ 70.00
10 Day Rental - $ 80.00
Gift Package - $66.00 - Includes the day of the Baby Shower plus a 3 Day Stork Rental after the baby is born. This is a great shower gift!
Balloons - $6.50/bundle of 3 (the balloons will either be pink or blue and are tied to the stork.)

Our "New Cool Storks" are approximately 8 feet tall and are very sweet; yet very cool! They are made out of a PVC material and the color is applied with very clean, very bright digital image that is applied directly to the PVC. They are quickly becoming a favorite!

You can click hereto print out the order form and here for the call sheet.
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Parents’ Names:
Baby’s Birth Date:
Sex of Baby:
Baby’s Name-First and Middle:
Date and Time of Birth:
Weight & Length:
Shower Delivery Address:
Time of Baby Shower:
Delivery Stork Address:
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